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Mixing Impeller Power Number

Propeller turbine mixer design calculator solving for reynolds number given impeller diameter, fluid dynamic viscosity, revolution per second and liquid mass density propeller turbine mixer design calculator mixing reynolds number.

Chapter 6 Mixing Dlutu

Mixing power for nonaerated fluids depends on the stirrer speed, the impeller diameter and geometry, and properties of the fluid such as density and viscosity.The relationship between these variables is usually expressed in terms of dimensionless numbers such as the impeller reynolds number (re) i and the power number n p.N p is defined as.

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5/13/2019 the value of the dimensionless power number (np) depends on several factors including impeller design, number of impellers and location within a tank, tank baffling and fluid viscosity.Typically the power number is shown for mixing in fully turbulent flow.

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In this region, mixing power is proportional to the cube of the rotation speed and to the fifth power of the impeller diameter.It is proportional to the fluid density but insensitive to viscosity.In highpower industrial mixers, more than one type of impeller may be used in the same unit.

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The power number n p (also known as newton number) is a commonly used dimensionless number relating the resistance force to the inertia force.The powernumber has different specifications according to the field of application.E.G., for stirrers the power number is defined as:.

Propeller Turbine Mixer Design Calculator Laminar

Propeller turbine mixer design calculator solving for power requirement given laminar flow, mixing constant, fluid dynamic viscosity, revolution per second and impeller diameter.

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Power number data for different type of impellers/turbines, under a give set of conditions are documented in various technical literature.Typical values of power number (n p) are: radial flow turbines, such as rushton, jacobs, smith, hjorth, bakker: 2,5 to 6,5; power number decreases with an increase in reynolds number.

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In this case, the disadvantages of this impeller are a relatively low flooding limit as well as a high power decrease.An extension to further mixing tasks is only possible under certain conditions.With this impeller, the actual mixing effect predominantly occurs in the shear zone of the radial outflow.

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An effective way to study the mixing performance of different impellers is to calculate the power drawn by each impeller under the same conditions.The power number (n p) and the laminar power number constant (k l) act as a foundation to calculate the power.

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Impeller design for mixing of suspensions tom jirout, frantiek rieger czech technical university in prague, faculty of mechanical engineering, department of process engineering, technick 4, 166 07 prague 6, czech republic abstract this paper deals with effect of impeller type on offbottom particle suspension.On the.

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Impeller power draw is equal to the impeller power number, np, times the density of the fluid, times the shaft speed cubed and the impeller diameter to the 5th power: 3) p = npn3d5.Power number is also dependent on reynolds number and d/t ratio.For the purposes .

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An effective way to study the mixing performance of different impellers is to calculate the power drawn by each impeller under the same conditions.The power number ( n p ) and the laminar power number constant ( k l ) act as a foundation to calculate the power.

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Dec 07, 2017 water was added to the corn syrup to aid in visualizing the mixing laminar flow pattern under these conditions.For comparison, the next lab scale video demonstrates turbulent mixing flow using a low viscosity fluid (water).The impeller diameter and speed were adjusted for a calculated reynolds number 100,000.

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S = impeller spacing 6 reynolds number a measure of the ratio of inertial forces (those produced by the agitator) to viscous forces n re = 10.7 n d2 sg/: (:= cp, d = inches, n = rpm) affects: power draw of impellers pumping capacity of impellers static mixer design surface deformation number of impellers baffle design 7.

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Retreat impeller.Power number (np) = 2.52 flow number (nq) = 0.74 the unique design of this impeller provides a simple radial flow pattern that moves material from the center of the vessel outward where it flows along the outer walls of the tank.An added benefit to this design is that it provides radial flow.

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(larger power number)*(larger impeller speed)^3*(larger impeller diameter)^5*(smaller volume) again, you need to solve for the larger impeller speed.When you've calculated the larger impeller speed, you can use that value to calculate the power cost of the larger fermentor as explained in step 3.

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Mixed flow impellers excel in applications when fluid viscosity changes dramatically during a batch.The dual pumping action produces a flow pattern similar to low viscosity fluids.Philadelphia mixing solutions and mixing solutions limited actively develops impellers designed specifically to address your process needs.Industries chemical mineral processing paints & coatings food & beverage.


power consumption, mixing time and homogenization energy in dualimpeller agitated gasliquid reactors, chemical engineering and processing , 40 , 8795.

ChE 344 Mixing In Chemical Reactors

Dimensionless numbers.To aid in the effective design of impellers, several dimensionless numbers have been introduced.The first of the dimensionless numbers we will define is the impeller reynold's number, nre, which is used to characterize the flow in the tank as either laminar, turbulent, or in the transition region.


For all impellers is for the flow to become more radial as the reynolds number decreases.This typically leads to staging of the process fluid and consequently relatively long blend times.An impeller which maintains a more axial flow profile prevents staging and, simply put, is a more efficient impeller.

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This impeller can be fabricated to fit almost any shaft diameter and comes standard in 316 stainless steel, but 304 stainless steel versions are also available.304 stainless steel sawblades can be hardened for abrasive mixing applications.Various surface finishes are available.Power number (np) = 0.45 flow number (nq) = 0.26.

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Therefore, manufacturers often specify an impeller's power number as a function of its power and size.This link contains an excellent mixing impeller calculator as well as raw formulas for many of the parameters listed above.Flow characteristics.Impellers can be designed to impart various flow characteristics to pump or tank media.

Consider Hydrofoil Impellers For Laminar Flow Mixing AIChE

The four main dimensionless numbers used to study mixing are based on seven key variables: the power delivered (p); the fluids density (); the shaft speed (n); the impeller diameter (d); the impeller pumping rate (q); the fluids viscosity (); and the tank diameter .

ChE 344 Mixing In Chemical Reactors

Another dimensionless quantity commonly used to characterize impellers is the power number, np.It has been shown through experimental data that the power consumption of an impeller, p, is proportional to the cube of the rotational speed of the impeller, the fifth .

Impeller Design For Mixing Of Suspensions Cvut

Choose between alternative impellers and to calculate the critical (justsuspended) impeller speed and power consumption necessary for offbottom suspension of solid particles.2.Theoretical background in order to design mixing apparatuses it is important to know the reference state of just.

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Single impeller.The power consumption of an impeller with newtonian fluids is usually expressed in terms of the dimensionless power number, np, as a function of the reynolds number, re, without vortex, where np ) p/fn3d5 and re ) fnd2/.

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Mixing impellers for biotech applications often are 316lss, welded to the shaft, polished to 20ra, and then passivated and electropolished.Impeller should also be self draining and capable of being cleaned via cip and sip.Contact white mountain process for any questions on cip cleaning of agitators or reactors.Impeller standard finish options: standard finish on our bioprop is 32ra sanitary polish.

PDF Correlation Of Power Consumption For Several Kinds

Correlation of power consumption for several kinds of mixing impellers article (pdf available) in international journal of chemical engineering 2012(2) april 2012 with 890 reads.


From the impeller blades to the mixer shaft and gear reducer.A general result for the form of the fluid force equation can be developed.The importance of the mechanical interaction of the mixing process with the mixing vessel and impeller is stressed.This interaction is shown in a number of examples.

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Oct 24, 2017 pitched blade turbine introduction pitched blade turbine impeller is essentially a modified open flat blade turbine with the blades angled.available with different number of blades, blade widths and different blade angles, the 4blade, 45" pitch is the most popular.It is a good compromise between high pumping efficiency and high shear for processes that.

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